Is Online TEFL Training for you?

Teaching English as a foreign language can be your passport to live and work around the world.

If you can speak English fluently, there is a good chance that you will be able to teach it. In these difficult times, the job market for English language teachers is still growing and English teachers are in great demand.

However, becoming an English teacher can be difficult for many people. Most TEFL courses are expensive – over £1000 – and not everybody can afford to take a month out of their busy life to do a training course.

If you have never taught or trained before and plan to become a full-time English teacher, there is really no substitute for a full-time TEFL course.

But, an online TEFL course may be suitable if you:

  • have substantial teaching or training experience in a different sector and would like to transfer those skills to English language teaching
  • are considering making a move into English language teaching but would like to do an introductory course before you decide to invest in a full-time course
  • are planning to teach English on a part-time or voluntary basis and don’t feel you need to take the full-time course
  • are currently working as an English teacher without a certificate but feel you would benefit from formal training

We are currently in the process of developing affordable but effective online training courses for English teachers.

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