20 ELT Activities for Short Texts

In this post, I’ll look at what activities you can do with a short text in your English language classes. There is no agreed maximum length for a short text, but I would suggest that a short text includes fewer than 200 words. There are many reasons why short texts are an effective teaching resource,…More

10-step guide to Teaching Effective Conversation Classes

In this post, I’ll present my 10-step guide for teaching effective conversation classes to adult English learners. Many adult learners enrol in conversation classes to improve their speaking skills. However, student numbers often drop as the course progresses. This can be due to several reasons: Students are not interested in the topics. Students don’t feel…More

16 Ways to Play The Hot Seat Game

One of the most popular TEFL activities for practising and reviewing vocabulary is called ‘The Hot Seat’ game. You have probably played it with your learners, although you may know it as ‘back to the board’. The procedure is simple: One student sits in a chair with his or her back to the board. The…More

Why you Should Use Digital Storytelling in ELT

From Storytelling to Digital Storytelling Throughout human history, stories have been used to share ideas, opinions and experiences. Stories are used for a variety of purposes – to entertain, to educate, to illustrate concepts, to provide moral guidance to inspire change – in all social activities in every industry. Indeed, this innate ability and desire…More

7 Must-Listen Podcasts for English Language Teachers

Podcasts are a great resource for English language teachers interested in professional development. Teacher trainers on TESOL courses and by Directors of Studies can use podcasts as part of their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) programme for their teaching team. What are Podcasts? Podcasts are audio files, which can be uploaded to your phone, tablet, mp3…More

Supportive Observations in ELT

Observations in ELT should be supportive not just evaluative, but how often is this the case? When I started training teachers on TEFL courses, our Course Director told us that he wanted all members of the training team to observe each other. One of the trainers, an experienced TEFL Q (DELTA-qualified) teacher, managed to avoid…More

Teaching One-to-One: Stop teaching, start coaching!

Do you find one-to-one teaching frustrating? Do you find it hard to keep your students interested and motivated? Do you get the feeling that they are not really satisfied with your classes? Do you and they feel they are not making progress? If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, maybe you…More