About your Trainers

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Course Director

Dylan Gates has been involved in English language teaching since 1996 and started training in 2009.

He is a Trinity-approved Course Director and has worked on Trinity Cert TESOL courses in Granada, Malaga, and London.

His professional qualifications include:

  • MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT
  • DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Trainer Development Certificate
  • Online Course Moderator
  • Trinity Cert TESOL.

Testimonial from Jason Anderson. Author of Trinity Cert TESOL Companion:

Dylan Gates is one of the finest teacher trainers I have had the pleasure to work with. His greatest skills include his teacher training skills in class, his people management skills, his organisation and also his materials creation skills. I recommend him for work on teacher training courses, especially initial teacher training for ELT, such as Trinity Cert TESOL, but also in-service training and materials writing.


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Course Trainers

All of our Course Trainers are experienced English language teachers with advanced teaching qualifications.

To become a Cert TESOL trainer, you need to have a minimum of a Level 7 qualification (DELTA or Dip. TESOL) and experience in training teachers.