A Short Guide to TEFL

 This free guide is a short, entertaining and informative read about becoming a teacher of English as a foreign/second language.

As one Amazon reviewer put it:

If you’re thinking of a career in TEFL then reading this book ought to be your starting place.

The book includes answers to more than 50 TEFL questions such as:

What is TEFL?

How do I become an EFL teacher?

What is a TEFL course?

Which TEFL course should I take?

Why are CELTA and Trinity TESOL courses so popular?

What questions will I be asked at a TEFL interview?

Should I take an Online TEFL course?

How do I find jobs in TEFL?

What classes will I teach?

How do I teach one to one classes?

How do I teach exam classes?

How do I become a Director of Studies or a teacher trainer?

Can I set up my own EFL School?

Is TEFL a career?

Amazon Reviews

  • I found it to be both honest and fun to read. Everything the author writes is true, and it makes a lot of sense. He explains the terminology well and then goes on to take you through the pre-TEFL-course, during the course and after. I wish something like this had existed when I did my course many years ago! As
  • As Mr Gates quotes one of his former students – get this book and “the world is your lobster”!
  • This is an excellent, easily-digestible book which will answer everything you needed to know about TEFL and EFL.
  • From dispelling the confusing jargon you’ll encounter when looking for a course, all the way through to ‘Is TEFL a real career?’ this succinct little volume fulfills the purpose of the research you’d otherwise spend weeks acquiring. Dylan writes in the style of a mate or (better) mentor who will give you the skinny on what it’s really like to teach.
  • He doesn’t gloss over how hard the course initially it is (‘a bootcamp’) nor how useful it will be five years down the line; As he says, it’s entirely what you put into it that counts, and the transferable skills are there if you know how to build upon and articulate them.
  • The Danny Wallace of the TEFL world! Honestly, it’s worth the money at least for the time you’ll spend puzzling over all that research.
  • Informative, useful and entertaining guide to teaching English as Foreign Language.
  • Over fifteen years’ experience has gone into this book and it shows.
  • In this short guide, the author offers advice for every step of the TEFL journey. This includes deciding whether or not to break into the field, choosing and making it through a TEFL course, the first day of class, and many many tips for successful teaching in various situations.
  • This book will be useful for someone who is thinking of taking a TEFL course, and at it’s price, I’d also recommend it for TEFL/English Language teachers who want to polish their craft.
  • The guide is written in a concise, easy to follow “FAQ” style. In every answer (averaging no more than a page) the author relates his own experiences, giving an informed, honest, well rounded description of what’s to be expected from the world of English Language Teaching.
  • Highly recommended.
  • Useful information if you are considering taking a course. Some of it is common sense but sometimes it’s good to see it in print.
  • Even though I have been teaching for a number of years, this book was still of real value and interest. It gave me greater insights into my future possibilities within EFL. I would also highly recommend it to those considering a TEFL course as it gives a real perspective of this from the other side. On top of all this, it’s a pretty entertaining read!
  • The writer has clearly poured the wealth of many years experience into this little gem, and how I wish it had been available when I was embarking on my own TEFL adventures oh so many moons ago.
  • The style is short and snappy but the information, though bite-sized, is far from superficial. Everything a rookie teacher is likely to fret over (training course expectations, classroom scenarios, likely hours and rates of pay) as well as a few less than obvious considerations (why won’t the students do their homework?) is covered here in engaging fashion.
  • If you’re thinking of a career in TEFL then reading this book ought to be your starting place.
  • This book throws the light on the world of TEFL. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know before embarking or choosing a course. Full of honest and valuable tips, this guy really knows his stuff. It cuts through all the C**P and tells you how it really is. It is an invaluable and often amusing little guide!
  • Short but succinct and covers most of the bases. Written in an easy to follow style which is candid and relatively down to earth. I can see myself using this as a point of reference in the future.
  • The author clearly has a wealth of experience in the TEFL industry and his writing style and depth of knowledge makes this short book very good value for money.
  • Very informative!
  • After having read this short book, the first thing I would like to note is how enjoyable it is. It is easy to read due to its structure, which is designed to answer the simple and frequent questions you could probably make yourself when you think about whether enroll to a course or not. The order of these questions is similar to the steps of a staircase.
  • While you are reading the answers to each one of them your mind starts to fill with some doubts and new questions which will be answered in the following question.
  • These answers are replied in a clear, direct and concise way and what you get from them is not ‘the God’s word` or an absolute and definitive answer. While reading them you are provided with a wide range of good and simple advice which encourages you to make a good choice and gives you the opportunity to think about what you really should expect from the course, and after the course, and how you can achieve your objectives about it.
  • Apart from learning how to become a TEFL teacher, you can also discover other possible professional developments related to teaching such as the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance teacher or the possibility of running your own academy or school; even you can feel encouraged to work abroad. It is important to remark too that in the text you are also offered some advice about how to deal with a job interview.
  • I don’t want to forget to tell you the biggest and the most important feature of this TEFL guide, the great humour. The author of the book presents such funny situations that they make you get hooked on reading the book and look forward to a new ‘adventure` or ‘strange situation`. It is so funny that sometimes you can’t stop laughing at some of stories told.
  • I can assure you that you will probably end the book with the sensation of wanting to do the course.