How to Give Advice in English

In this lesson, you will hear many phrases we use for giving advice.

What is advice?

advice (noun) is an opinion which somebody offers you about what you should do or how you should act in a particular situation.

advise (verb) is the action of giving somebody advice.

Word partners with advice

ask for /give / offer / follow / seek / provide / take somebody’s advice

good /bad / poor / helpful / useful / useless / sound / conflicting advice

financial / legal / medical advice

give or offer a piece of advice 

give advice on / about something to somebody

Before listening to the podcast, think about this situation:

You don’t think your English is very good.

You ask your teacher what you should do to improve it.

How about finding some English friends?

Why don’t you watch movies in English?

Have you tried listening to English radio?

One idea is to go to a language exchange club.

If I were you, I would stop worrying about making mistakes and just speak.

Taking an immersion course in English might work.

Make sure you take every opportunity to listen to English.

I can’t recommend British English Coach’s online classes strongly enough.

You should find an English-speaking boyfriend or girlfriend, no doubt about it.


Can you add any other phrases for giving advice?