How to show you’re annoyed in English

Sometimes we need to complain. We need to express our negative feelings about something and tell somebody how we really feel about things.


When we do this, we ‘get things off our chest’.

Maybe, you are having problems at work and you think your boss is an idiot.

‘What really annoys me about him is that he thinks he is more intelligent than anybody else in the office!

Perhaps, you are having relationship problems:

‘What really irritates me is when my girlfriend arrives late and doesn’t apologise’.

You might want to complain about the English language:

‘What really frustrates me about English is that words are never pronounced as they are spelt’.

What drives me crazy about learning English is the amount of phrasal verbs. There are so many and I can never remember them’.

I think it’s good to ‘get things off your chest‘ and express your feelings about things. If you ‘bottle things up‘, you keep your feelings inside you until one day, you have to express them and they explode out of you!

So, when you feel like complaining, you can use this structure:

What + verb + about something / somebody + is /are……….

What annoys me about London is the traffic!

What irritates me about teaching English is when students speak their first language in class!

What frustrates me about learning English is when native speakers use slang so I can’t understand them!

Over to you, what annoys you , frustrates you , irritates you, gets on your nerves, drives you crazy about learning English?

Spend a few minutes getting things off your chest. You’ll feel much better after doing so.