Jan 19 2021

What’s important when you teach adults one-to-one: building rapport maintaining rapport making small talk monitoring your facial expressions limiting interruptions giving concise instructions modelling activities personalising examples and target language scaffolding and co-constructing discourse allowing for longer response times recasting with intent providing a blend of instant and delayed feedback respecting viewpoints resisting passing judgements … Continue reading Jan 19 2021

Jan 17 2020

Reflections on Language Coaching I watched two interviews with language coaching, both of which were interesting. The first one, in particular, provided me with some food for thought. Reflection points How to transition from a teaching and training approach, in which you have a high level of control over the objectives, content, activities, and development … Continue reading Jan 17 2020

Do you need business experience to teach Business English?

Have you thought about teaching Business English? Don’t you need business experience to teach Business English? Is it possible to be an effective BE teacher without having a business background? Do you think your teaching skills and experience can prepare you for teaching Business English? In this post, I’m going to look at whether teachers … Continue reading Do you need business experience to teach Business English?


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About Me

Hi, I’m Dylan. I’m a Teacher Trainer, Course Creator, and English Coach based in Granada Spain.

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